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Video Library

This Video Library is full of guidance and wisdom that David has gained through three decades
of counseling and coaching couples, adults, teens and their parents. Learn tips and techniques
for improving your life through topics such as parenting, relationships, anxiety, depression,

ADHD, and more with new video content added regularly!

Free Channel

Access ALL of the Video Library
for just $22/month

With 5 different channels covering parenting to relationships to mental health and more, you'll find a variety of incredibly helpful information taught by David himself that follows the philosophies and strategies which he uses in counseling and/or coaching sessions all the time.


Seeing David in counseling/coaching sessions?

The Video Library is especially helpful for you because you'll be able to watch these videos ahead of time, saving yourself valuable time in session and, therefore, money. Need to refresh your memory on something David said in session? Watch the video after the session as many times as you wish.  


All for just $22/month with unlimited access to all of the Video Library content. (Does not include his online courses found on the “Courses” page.) 

Make it even better by enjoying the first 2 months free! Enter the discount code NEW CLIENT.

Cancel at ANY time.