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Adult Counseling

Welcome! I’m so glad you reached out.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor in San Antonio, Texas, David is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized counseling to each of his clients. David is the counselor for those adults/young adults who are struggling with 




Relationships Issues (parents, children,

in-laws, co-workers, bosses)

David intentionally maintains a select caseload in San Antonio and across Texas to ensure that he can offer extraordinary guidance and support for each of his clients. As such, David makes himself available for sessions days, nights, and weekends (except Saturdays) to accommodate the diverse scheduling needs of his counseling clients. Additionally, he makes himself available to his clients through text and email, typically responding within 24 hours. 


To expedite the growth of his clients, David has developed numerous professionally produced psychoeducational video content, available on his website’s Video Library and his YouTube channel, providing valuable insights and tools to enhance your journey.

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David came highly recommended by a friend and completely lived up to my expectation.
Professional, approachable, a good listener, patient, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring describe David.

- Anonymous

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Providing exceptional guidance for 30+ years

Adulting Counseling FAQs

What do you charge for counseling? Do you have a sliding fee scale?


Currently, I charge $225/hour for marriage counseling and $200/hour for individual counseling. 


If, however, your gross family income is less than $100,000 annually, then my rate is $200/hour; if less than $75,000 gross family income annually, then my rate is $180/hour.


Do you take insurance?


I prefer to spend 100% of my time helping my clients rather than dealing with insurance companies. So while I do not deal with them directly, I can provide paperwork for you to submit a claim to your insurance company if you'd like. I have been told by several of my clients that they have been reimbursed 70%-80% of the charge towards their out of network deductible (i.e., if they paid me $200 and were reimbursed 80%, the session cost them $40).


What is counseling like?


In the first session, I want to get to know you. I want to know anything you think is important so that I can be fully informed and help you the very best ways I know how. As such, in the first session, I want to know three key things:


1)  What brought on your desire to do counseling today? 

2)  What do you hope to achieve through counseling (your counseling goals)? 

3)  What is your story (your personal background from birth until now)?


Your personal story may take two sessions to tell; that’s completely fine. I want to know you and your issues well.


Once I better understand these three aspects (usually after one or two sessions), I am then able to let you know if I believe I can help you  (95% of the time I can) and a plan for how, together, we’ll accomplish that. Then, we’ll get started! 


Most people benefit from weekly or every other week counseling sessions but everyone’s situation and financial circumstances are different. I primarily use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), the most widely used form of counseling in America). 


Homework exercises will definitely be necessary for you to change so plan on being active in your growth! Rapid growth is expected. 

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