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PreMarriage Counseling

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Relationship Coach in San Antonio, Texas, David is  the counselor for pre-married couples who wish to invest in their relationship and learn vital tools that will help them have a healthier, happier marriage for years to come. Having guided couples in San Antonio and across Texas for over 30 years, David has the knowledge and experience yet relaxed, comfortable style that can help you feel at ease as he helps you learn and grow. 


To meet the diverse scheduling needs of his couples, David sees all of his San Antonio and Texas clients via Zoom days, nights, and weekends (every day except Saturdays). Additionally, he makes himself available to his clients through text and email, typically responding within 24 hours. 


To expedite your growth, David has developed numerous professionally produced psychoeducational videos, available on his website’s Video Library and his YouTube channel, providing valuable insights and tools to enhance your journey.


David personalizes each counseling experience to each couple while also including key aspects that are important for all couples including:


Personality styles

Conflict resolution

Values & expectations

Additionally, you choose other areas that you'd like to delve into including but not limited to:

  • Financial issues

  • Sex & intimacy

  • Children & parenting

  • Boundaries

  • Annoying habits

  • Hopes & dreams

  • Husband/wife roles

  • and more...

David Roper and Wife


Happy Couple
My fiancée and I had the pleasure of working with David over the past couple months as we’ve been preparing for our upcoming wedding.
David is extremely helpful, trustworthy, kind, and encouraging. We definitely feel that we’re now better prepared to take on any challenges that may arise during our marriage.
Thank you!

- Anonymous

Beige Fabric

Investing in and guiding pre-married couples
to healthier relationships for decades

Save Money

SAVE $60

Since David is one of a few select providers approved by TwoGether In Texas,  couples who complete five 1 ½ hour premarriage sessions with David are eligible for a $60 discount off of their marriage license. 

save $100/hr

David’s desire is to launch couples into their married life with all the tools they’ll need to have an amazing relationship. As such, David provides a steep discount for his premarried couples, typically charging $100 less per hour for premarriage counseling versus marriage counseling.

Save $150

 Additionally, if you complete these sessions and David is officiating your wedding, he will take an additional $150 off of his wedding officiating fee.

Pre-Marriage Counseling FAQ's

What does pre-marriage counseling cost?


While I currently charge $225/hour for marriage sessions and $200/hour for individual sessions, I only charge $125/hour for premarriage sessions because … I love guiding couples who are getting started! I am all about being proactive! I want you to learn and grow and understand all of the tools that will get your marriage off on the right track. While we won’t be able to cover everything in just five 1 ½ hour sessions, you’ll hopefully learn valuable skills and get off on the right track. Then, if you wish to come back later for marriage sessions, you’ve already established a good relationship with a counselor/coach you’ve grown to know and trust.


Do you have a sliding fee scale?


Since I have already taken roughly $100 off of my normal rate for my pre-married couples, I don’t offer an additional discount. Note, however, that you may receive a certificate from me through TwoGether In Texas program which gives you $60 off of your marriage license. Additionally, if I officiate your wedding ceremony, I’ll take $150 off of your charge if you complete five 1 ½ hour premarriage sessions through me.


What will we do in our pre-marriage sessions? 


I want to get to know you! So in the first session, I’ll ask you to fill me in on “your life story” … from birth til now. I want to know everything significant that happened which led to you being who you are today … your highs and lows, your parents and siblings, your boyfriends/girlfriends, how you met your fiance and proposed, etc. (Most people cover this in about 20-30 minutes but some prefer to go longer.) Then your fiance will do the same. This will take up the bulk of the first session. 


In the second session, we’ll typically cover you and your fiance’s personality styles (what they are, how they mesh, how they conflict, how to grow and appreciate each others’ differences). If time permits, we’ll begin delving into key Communication tools. Homework is offered after each session. Rapid growth is typically experienced by couples who put in the work and consistently use the tools provided. 


In the remaining three sessions, you’ll choose which topics we’ll cover (conflict resolution, boundaries, in-laws, sex and intimacy, children and parenting, husband/wife roles, spiritual issues, financial issues, etc.). You’ll use the personality style information and communication tools you’ve just learned throughout these sessions to discuss these issues with your fiance while I guide the conversations.


If you wish to add additional sessions, go for it! Many couples are enjoying and growing so much that they add one or two more on at this discounted price. 

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