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Prepare for a 
life of love

“Start Your Marriage Right”
A self-paced, online premarriage course

A self-paced, online course that will allow you and your fiance to grow in your understanding of one another and prepare for a life of love and happiness.

And, as a ”TwoGether in Texas” approved provider, you can take this online course for just $60 and after completing this course receive your marriage license for $60 off

making the course essentially FREE! 

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Presented by 

David Roper, MS, LPC

“TwoGether in Texas” approved provider

With over 30 years of experience passionately guiding people as a Licensed Professional Counselor, David is now sharing his knowledge and wisdom to help your relationship thrive through a personal yet professional video format, full of relatable stories and easy to use tools. You get full access to:

  • 12 practical video lessons (8-12 minutes on average),

  • 12 powerful tools

  • 12 homework activities after each lesson

  • Access to the course creator, David Roper, via private coaching sessions

Are you and your fiance...

  • excited about getting married?

  • want to insure that "I do" means forever?

  • want to invest in your relationship not just your wedding day?

  • want to talk through all the important topics (children, parenting, money, etc.) before marrying?

  • interested in connecting with someone who's been there for thousands of couples three decades and yet is passionate about helping each other?

  • want to have access to him now or in the future in case you have a struggle?

Bride and Groom in love

In this course you'll learn & discuss ...

premarital couple ready to take online course
  • you and your fiance's unique personality style

  • how your values & expectations mesh with your fiance's

  • what each of your love languages are and how to use them to mutual advantage

  • how to communicate without arguing

  • how to have amazing emotional intimacy and a great sex life

  • how you wish to raise your children complete with tips and suggestions

  • how to talk through tricky financial issues

  • and so much more

Sneak Peak
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Easy to use

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Using humorous stories and relatable experiences, David explains simple to use, practical tools that will help you and your fiancé learn and grow together.

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You can watch or listen

to this course anytime, anywhere

via your phone, tablet or computer.

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Watch these engaging video lessons at your own pace, going as quickly or gradually as you wish.


“My husband and I purchased “Starting Your Marriage Right” by David Roper as an engagement gift for our son and his fiancée. We’ve known David for over 12 years and trust him unquestionably to help our son and future daughter in law navigate the pre- marriage discussions that every engaged couple should have. We trust that David will be able to speak wisdom into our son and his fiancée that we are not able to. We’re so blessed to be able to purchase this course and the private coaching session at such an amazing price. There is no greater gift than something that will help them get their marriage started off right!"

Marnie from San Antonio, TX



  • PreMarriage Course

    Start Your Marriage Right
    • - 12 Video Lessons
    • - $60 off your marriage license (if in Texas)
    • ** Making your course essentially free!
  • Premarriage Course Plus

    Start Your Marriage Right
    • - 12 Video Lessons
    • - $60 off your marriage license (if in Texas)
    • - 1hr Private Coaching Session with David Roper
    • ** You're receiving the $60 course + 1hr session worth $125
    • = $185 AND get $60 off of your marriage license = $245 value
    • for just $125!
  • PreMarriage Course Premium

    Start Your Marriage Right
    • - 12 Video Lessons
    • - $60 off your marriage license (if in Texas)
    • - 1hr Private Coaching Session with David Roper
    • - Additional 1hr Private Coaching Session with David Roper
    • and the ability to add additional sessions at a discounted
    • rate plus bonus materials
    • ** You're receiving the $60 course + 2hr session worth $250
    • = $310 AND get $60 off of your marriage license
    • = $370 value for just $225

Don't want a Course?

Prefer a more in-depth counseling experience than a course (or a course and 1-2 sessions) provides?  

Go to the "New Client" page and "Request Counseling".

David offers a special program (five 1 1/2 hour Private PreMarital Counseling/Coaching sessions) at $125/hour, giving a very personalized experience. This is one of his favorite things to do!

David Roper Family Vacation

About David Roper

David, a husband and father of four, has been guiding, pre-married and married couples for decades. His passion is to guide young couples as they begin their journey together, equipping them with all of the tools they’ll need to have a beautiful, growing marriage. Use the valuable experience he offers through this course, to grow your relationship now and into the future.

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