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What’s the difference between Counseling & Coaching?


Both counseling and coaching are geared towards guiding you to an improved life. Counseling is necessary for issues that are diagnosable (anxiety disorder, depression, etc.) and more severe (severe anxiety and depression, relationship issues involving affairs, for example) and requires that professional to be licensed by the state.

Coaching is beneficial for less severe life issues (worry, sadness, relationships that are struggling but not on the brink of divorce or involving an affair, for example) and does not require a license.

I am both a Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach/Relationship Coach so I am able to provide both counseling and coaching depending upon your need. Please note that, due to licensing restrictions, I can only provide “counseling” to persons who reside in the state where I am licensed (Texas), however, I can provide "coaching" to anyone if that fits their needs.

I have also created superb, professionally edited online courses for persons who wish to learn on their own at a fraction of the cost of ongoing counseling or coaching. And I offer a Video Library subscription where you can get access to all of my video “channels” for a low monthly amount. 

See the chart below to determine what you need.

Counseling Chart.png

* Must be Texas Resident


Your investment in your mental health and relationships can pay off in the long run. If you are struggling, please reach out to David or another experienced professional.

Individual Counseling or Coaching:                       $200/hr
Adults, Young Adults, Teens

Marriage/Couples Counseling or Coaching:           $225/hr

Family Counseling or Coaching:                            $250/hr

Pre-Marriage Counseling or Coaching:                  $125/hr

Online Courses:                                                     Varies

Video Library:                                                        $22/mo

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