Passionate About Inspiring Others

Sometimes we can use a little guidance. 

Sometimes it's about our future, sometimes it's about our relationships. Sometimes we're feeling down or stressed or panicked.  

We all experience challenges.  

Like you, I've had my share of challenges in life.  And through those experiences as well as a great deal of training, studying, reading, listening, and learning, I've gained wisdom which I love to share with others.  There's no reason you need to struggle through life.  I would be honored to get together with you and listen, learn, and guide you.

Licensure & Education
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, guiding teens, adults, and couples since 1992

  • Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Penn State University

  • Bachelors degree in Psychology from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX

Qualifications & Interests
  • 25+ years as a Licensed Professional Counselor

  • 17 years in Student Ministry

  • 12 years directing my own Family Camp

  • Countless teens and adults guided over the years

  • Passionate about guiding/mentoring others into the life and relationships they truly desire
  • Sports enthusiast (especially playing soccer, basketball, football, tennis, golf, snow skiing, snow boarding)
  • Lover of the outdoors (hunting, fishing, mountain biking, hikes with with my black lab, anything outside!)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?  


I prefer to spend 100% of my time helping my clients rather than dealing with insurance companies. So while I do not deal with them directly, I can provide paperwork for you to submit a claim to your insurance company if you'd like. I have been told by several of my clients that they have been reimbursed 70%-80% of the charge towards their out of network deductible (i.e., if they paid me $140 and were reimbursed 70%, the session only cost them $42).


Do you have a slide fee scale?  


Yes.  For most of my counseling clients, my hourly rate is $178/hour.  If, however, your gross family income is less than $100,000 gross family income annually, then my rate is $160/hour; if less than $75,000 gross family income annually, then my rate is $140/hour. 

How do I register for my first session?  


Simply choose the service that you'd like on the home page (i.e., "1-on-1 Counseling" or "Couples Counseling") and click "Book Now." It will show you all of the days/times that I'm available. Simply choose one and fill out the info. Make sure you choose how you'd like to talk (via Zoom, etc.) or else your appointment won't book.  Then, complete the "1st Visit" form on the forms page. That's it!

How often will we meet?  


Frequently, I like to meet with people more frequently at first as most people come in when they are really hurting emotionally; I like to get started quickly, providing rapid relief to their most significant struggles whenever possible. Then we typically meet once a week until they're able to meet once every two or three weeks. My goal is to build you up rapidly to the point at which I am no longer needed.


Do you accept every client that comes to you?  

I am selective on who I accept.  Throughout the first two to three sessions, you'll check me out and I will assess you to see if we are a good fit.  I tend to take on clients that are coachable and motivated to make rapid improvements.  Clients who are not particularly interested in making significant changes (which includes doing homework assignments after most sessions) will be better served via another therapist.